Video 11 Apr 1 note

Dance Legend Flakie over two coats of (the now defunct) Sephora-By-OPI Go My Own Way; matted.

Go My Own Way is a really boring dark blue metallic shimmer. MEH. I just wore it because it was sitting in my untrieds pile. Probably cause I knew it was gonna be boring. It did get that Fleetwood Mac song in my head though, which isn’t too bad. v :) v

However, the Dance Legend flakie is really reminiscent of those old Finger Paint flakies and definitely spices things up! 8) Oddly, the flakie smelled like Seche Vite (which has toluene in it), but Knight (the awesome multichrome in the post before this) did not have that toluene smell. Hm. Maybe the flakie came out earlier than Knight, and Dance Legend used to not be 3-free and now is? Hmmmm. *shrug*

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