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Today’s Mani: Love & Beauty Crystal/Light Aqua + Holo

[polishes used: Orly Bonder, 3 coats Crystal/Light Aqua, Mentality Polish Holo, Poshé]

Shade: Love & Beauty Crystal/Light Aqua is a kinda frosty pearl-white with blue shimmer. I would probably never wear it by itself. BUT… holo kills the frostiness! Hooray for that. The holo effect is subtle against this polish, but more visible than the pictures make it out to be. This combo reminds me of a cool, blue-based version of Picture Polish Atomic.¬†

Formula/Application: This polish was a little thick but not in a bad way. It was rather streaky, however, and three coats was still not 100% opaque. For my purposes, however, 3 coats worked. Dry time was on the quick side of average and it dried to a relatively shiny finish. Topcoat eliminates even more of the streakiness. :)

I was able to get Love & Beauty Crystal/Light Aqua to work for me, but I wouldn’t really recommend it to anybody except for those who like to experiment with ‘meh’ polishes and try to make them un-meh. ;p

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