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Today’s Mani: Love & Beauty Dusty Blue + Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea

[polishes used on all nails: Orly Bonder, 3 coats Dusty Blue, Out the Door]

(no sun pictures; it’s rainy out :( )

[polishes used on accent nails: 2 coats Fuzz-Sea, Gelous, Poshé]

Shade: Love & Beauty Dusty Blue is a mid-blue creme with gold shimmer. Shimmer is not too noticeable in the shade but very clear in bright indoor light and sunshine. Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea is a clear base with small bright blue and yellow bar glitters. I got it because the color combination and the featheriness reminded me of one of my old parakeets. :3

Formula/Application: Dusty Blue was a little bit on the thick side, yet runny and somewhat streaky. Despite its imperfections it was still rather easy to apply, and streaks are mostly invisible by three coats and topcoat. In essence it applies like a pastel, which is odd since the color itself isn’t pastel at all.

Fuzz-Sea might have benefited from a little bit higher glitter-to-base ratio, but for the most part, it wasn’t that bad in terms of application. I didn’t have to dab too much, which was good. Base was a little runny but not badly so.¬†

Dry Time/Finish: Dusty Blue has a dry-time that’s more on the quicker side of average, but not by too much. It dries to a shiny finish. Fuzz-Sea is a bit slower. It dries to a *slightly* satiny finish.

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