Video 18 Jul

Today’s Mani: Sephora By OPI Is She For Reel

[polishes used: Orly Bonder, 3 coats Is She For Reel, Poshé]

Learning that Sephora is going to cease selling their OPI line has reminded me to wear the couple untrieds I have from the brand in my stash. The first one, Is She For Reel, is a nice foil made up of what seems to be silver, gold, and blue flecks in a dark gray base. The overall color appears to be pewter, but depending on the lighting it can be more complex than that. Very cool. I think it’s also nearly a dupe for Chanel Graphite, so double-cool.

The formula was great: the consistency was perfect and the opacity was par for the course when it comes to foils (Sorta sheer, but not too sheer). Each coat applied fairly evenly and two coats, while not opaque, is free of streaking or visible bald spots. The dry time was slightly on the quicker side of average, and it dried to a relatively shiny finish. 

I’m not a huge fan of gold or silver polishes, but Is She For Reel is a really cool, sort of grungier take on silver polishes. It’s one of those polishes that seems simple at first glance, but becomes more complex the closer you look. Once all the OPI polishes are gone from Sephora, you can still probably find the normal OPI dupe for this— Number One Nemesis— on Amazon or Ebay for a fair price. :)

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