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Today’s Mani: OPI Russian Navy + Love & Beauty Light Pink

[polishes used: Orly Bonder, ~2 coats OPI Russian Navy, 1 coat Love & Beauty Light Pink, Seche Vite]

Ever since I previewed OPI Russian Navy by itself and Love & Beauty Light Pink over black I wanted to try both of them on as a full mani— so why not put both of them together?

Russian Navy is a classic favorite OPI shade. It’s a dark blue shimmer with subtle pink shimmer added into the mix. The pink shimmer is more noticeable in the bottle than on the nail, but it is more noticeable in real life than in the 1st picture up top (where it’s basically invisible… oh, cameras.). It is *ever so slightly* brush-strokey but it works with the color and I wouldn’t even call it a *metallic*, honestly.

The formula on Russian Navy was great. Not thick or runny, and quite pigmented— almost a one-coater! As it was, I used two coats on all but my right index nail, which I needed to add another thin coat to to fix some imperfections that were all human error. ;p It also dried rather quickly, which I liked. Still not a fan of the “pro wide brush” though. It’s too wide and not as thin and flexible as Rimmel’s wide brush. So I had LOTS of clean-up to do. :P

Now onto Light Pink.

It’s a very sheer pink shimmer with small holographic hexes thrown into the mix. It also has a nice formula; surprisingly not thick at all. It definitely adds to the pink shimmer in Russian Navy already, and makes the polish look purple in most lights. Gah… almost all my manis end up being either green or purple! xDDD ha ha. 

Anyway, beyond that, it dries a tad slower than Russian Navy and the glitters make it *slightly* less smooth. Because of that, I decided to use Seche Vite as my topcoat here (And I also wrapped my tips for once so I wouldn’t experience any polish shrinkage). Gaaaaah Seche Vite. Out the Door is nice but it is no substitute for Seche’s glossy goodness. I love the feel of it once it’s dry. It almost feels as though you’ve coated your nails with shellac or something. But y u have to become gloopy after using like… half of you? Rude. It was still alive enough to use for this, though. Man, I gotta get some Seche Restore once i have the money… 

So yeah, I really like this mani. I can’t wait till the sun comes out so all those little holo glitters can work their magic!

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