Video 12 Apr 1 note

Mani featuring:

2 coats of Pahlish Shadows Grow So Long (part of their March duo)

1 coat of Essie No More Film

1 coat of Pahlish Fireflies Under the Pines (other part of March duo)

I was curious what the glitter topper part of Pahlish’s March duo would look over a darker color but also wanted to use it with its original partner, so this mani happened! I think it actually looks better over No More Film than over Shadows Grow So Long, but not by too much! :)

And I love it. Like this is my favorite mani I’ve done in quite awhile. Every polish used applied very well too. It didn’t take nearly as much time to do as I thought it would!

Video 12 Apr

2 coats Scofflaw Varnish Chromosaurus Hex

…meh. And by the way, that ‘meh’ is one of personal preference. The formula was great, as Scofflaw polishes tend to be. It just reminds me too much of Picture Polish Imperial, but more dreary. Plus, I’m just not a fan of taupe-ish colors. I bet lots of people will love it. I’m just not one of ‘em. <:)

Video 11 Apr 1 note

Dance Legend Flakie over two coats of (the now defunct) Sephora-By-OPI Go My Own Way; matted.

Go My Own Way is a really boring dark blue metallic shimmer. MEH. I just wore it because it was sitting in my untrieds pile. Probably cause I knew it was gonna be boring. It did get that Fleetwood Mac song in my head though, which isn’t too bad. v :) v

However, the Dance Legend flakie is really reminiscent of those old Finger Paint flakies and definitely spices things up! 8) Oddly, the flakie smelled like Seche Vite (which has toluene in it), but Knight (the awesome multichrome in the post before this) did not have that toluene smell. Hm. Maybe the flakie came out earlier than Knight, and Dance Legend used to not be 3-free and now is? Hmmmm. *shrug*

Link 11 Apr Polish Wishlists»

I updated my wishlists (etsy and amazon) on here and damn I am pathetic; I want so many polishes… D: 

Video 11 Apr 6 notes

2 coats of Dance Legend Knight over a black creme

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a brass-to-gold-to-blue multichrome before! Very nice. Not too brush-strokey and nice drying time and consistency, too. 

Color4Nails is where I got my two Dance Legends (this one— Knight— and a rather Finger Paints-reminiscent flakie) and I definitely recommend them. Very fast shipping, good prices, and no-frills competent packaging. 

Video 7 Apr 1 note

2 coats of Scofflaw Varnish Wraith Pinned to the Mist! 

This reminds me of Butter London Two Finger Salute, but more complex and awesome (more types of flecks and flakies, some shimmer, etc). See them gold flakies? Yaaaaas. This is one of those polishes that looks just as awesome in the shade as it does in the sun, and for different reasons.

The application was very good as well, which I’ve come to expect from Scofflaw anyway. I thought I’d need three coats of this since one coat was sheer and a little streaky, but two was perfect! I just needed to touch up my right thumb a little bit, but that’s because I’m right handed and thus my right hand tends to be kinda… funky still. Ha. 

(also yes my cuticles are still beat the hell up from this past winter. Need to find my cuticle cream i guess… meeehhhhhh)

Photo 6 Apr 5 notes Forgot to post this! This is 3 coats of LA Girl Leap topped with one coat of Formula X Thunder.
Reminds me of really old video game grass/gardens :D

Forgot to post this! This is 3 coats of LA Girl Leap topped with one coat of Formula X Thunder.

Reminds me of really old video game grass/gardens :D

Video 1 Apr 1 note

2 coats OPI Eurso Euro— aka, a palate cleanser. 

I’ve had so many weird and cool things on my nails lately that I felt like taking a breather!

Very good formula.

The only problem is, it’s a very similar color to Revlon Royal… which is the polish I wore to my great-aunt’s funeral. So not the happiest memory. :( oops.

Video 1 Apr 1 note

2 coats Aliquid Lacquer Hidden City

Now this one was awesome— both color-wise and formula-wise! A blue-leaning green linear holo with copper and green flecks. Kind of reminds me of polishes like China Glaze Running in Circles and Zoya Ivanka, but a darker/bluer shade of green. And. Y’know. Holo. 8)

Video 1 Apr

2 coats Aliquid Lacquer Divine Curse matted

The formula was a bit on the thick side; think I’m gonna add thinner to it later. Cool lookin’ polish though, very autumnal. I think the effect of the dark flecks would have been more noticeable if I used either two coats, or one or two coats over another color. Will experiment more!

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